Working with illustrations for a children's book

I've been working like a maniac with this project during the last few weeks. The rest of my family is already on holidays enjoying the (rainy) summer at the summer cottage. In a way it's my favourite set up - alone in the city just me and my work. Me and my pen, paper, computer, scanner, my pizza slice and nobody to run home to to feed and entertain. Just me in my man cave. But this time table is crazy! Have no one to blame but myself for designing this hectic work schedule this spring, but I suspect I'm going insane if I don't slow down soon. I will. This book is ready in 2-3 days, it just has to be! Here are a few sketshes and a spread that is finished. It's turning into such a sweet and funny book about a young girl and her difficult emotions, about sharing and enjoying imagination play.


work stress / loong working day / hardly any sleep

work stress / loong working day / hardly any sleep

drawing magpies / children's book illustrations

happy happy children high five'ing / children's book illustrations

a gay couple, a head missing / children's book illustrations

undressing rainy clothes / children's book illustrations